Finding a reliable and professional ceiling repair Perth

When you are faced with ceiling repairs, you need someone who knows exactly what they are doing, someone who is qualified and experienced as well as prompt and reliable. Experts in ceiling repair Perth are many but at Southern Ceiling Repair, we are leaders in plaster ceiling repair and have many happy customers and recommendations, reviews and testimonials that can vouch for our service and pricing.

While it may seem the least likely problem to occur in your home, there are often many cases of ceiling damage. Many people might think it easy enough to fix the damage themselves but this just fixes the issue without looking at the actual cause.

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The majority of ceiling damages in Perth is brought on by storms or merely developing age. Over time our ceilings can start to leak and droop and it is very important that these problems are fixed before more serious structural damage happens.

Having worked in the industry for so long, we have built up an enviable reputation for outstanding workmanship and service. Our expertise includes:


The very first we do is inspect the ceiling and try to ascertain why there is a crack in the first place, if it is structural or cosmetic and then carry out the repairs quickly and safely. We specialise in Gyprock and plaster-glass ceiling repairs.


We have the right tools and equipment to be able to deal with structural ceiling problems and keep you and your home safe. We prop the ceiling up, re-screw them right back to the ceiling joists and sand the lot down with our electrical sander. Our work doesn’t just end there though. We also repaint so it looks as good as new. If the ceilings are terribly damaged, we draw them down as well as change them.


Frequently triggered by water damages from rainfall, sagging ceilings can become worse over time and also end up being a safety problem for your family. Repairing this issue needs to be done by skilled professionals. The ceiling itself needs to be meticulously removed in sections and the sustaining walls and roofing system framework repaired. Once the supporting frameworks are repaired and the reason for the issue fixed, we systematically rebuild your interior ceiling, matching the original style and incorporating any existing cornices.

So if you do happen to be in need of some ceiling repairs experts in Perth, we should be your number one call. At Southern Ceiling Repair, we know all there is to know about ceilings and will always help and offer advice, answer questions and put your mind at ease. Your ceilings will be repaired using the most qualified tradesman, the best tools and in the quickest timeframe. You can be sure our work is to the highest standard and our rates are incredibly competitive.